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what is tunaboo?

The tuna you can trust! We organise Stag-/Hen- and Corporate events since 1997. Any club, bar, boat, ruin pub or restaurant. We know them all.

Here's what we do.




How does this work?

Let us know what you guys have in mind. Looking for a guided cocktail-bar tour with a limo? Some cool team building? Or do you want to go all in? We can make it work – all budgets welcome.



We Think.

Let us take the burden of organising. We plan, book, time and prepare everything for you in advance. Trust our 24 years of experience. We consider transfer times and downtime to make it a perfectly balanced weekend.


You Drink.


Lay back, relax and have a sip. We want to make this trip a success for all of you. Once you arrive in Budapest we take over. No need for the organiser to hold back. You guys have fun, we hold your group together.

What should you know about Budapest?

  1. Budapest is safe and you’re unlikely to be hassled…
  2. Budapest is pronounced “Boo-Da-Pesht”
  3. Validate your metro ticket. …
  4. It’s cheaper to buy your bus/tram ticket before you board…
  5. Pedestrians have priority on crossings…
  6. Pay in Forints, not Euros…
  7. Budapest is very English-friendly…
  8. Only use the official taxis with the fare-rates displayed on the car
  9. Eat goulash, lángos and kürtöskalács at least once

Coronavirus info

Please inform yourself about current travel restrictions. In case you want to know more about the situation here in Hungary, give us a call. We’re happy to host you soon again!

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